The GCSA Conference


OPG Workshop

We’re excited to announce our first workshop for the GCSA Conference 2016 – An OPG Workshop on Repurposing Pickering!

Our first workshop is in collaboration with the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) on their project of “Repurposing Pickering: Proud Past, Promising Future”. You will get the opportunity to be involved with an actual development project! The purpose of this project is to develop a strategy for repurposing the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (PNGS) lands that will become available once commercial operations have ended. Take part in repurposing the vision for how the lands can be used during and after the decommissioning period!

What it involves:

You will be able to work with others under the guidance of representatives from OPG to brainstorm ideas, engage in mapping exercise, come to agreement on a portfolio of potential uses for the site, and present the proposal to the workshop as a whole. Finally, the commonalities between the portfolios will be discussed.

What you can get out of it:

This is a great way to get a sense of what it feels like to work on a project as a city builder! Not only will this 2 hour workshop help you develop teamwork, creativity, mapping, negotiation, and presentation skills but your proposals will be incorporated into this Ontario Power Generation project.

Amazing! Now how do I sign-up?

There is limited space of 30 people in this workshop, you may register for this workshop only after you have bought your conference ticket on a first-come, first-serve basis. Make sure to get your GCSA Conference tickets as soon as possible so you don’t miss out! To buy your tickets to the Conference, visit our website at or email today!



Our First Speaker: Gil Penalosa

We’re excited to announce our first speaker for the GCSA Conference 2016: A City for Everyone, Gil Penalosa!

Mr. Penalosa is the founder and chair of 8 80 Cities, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming cities into livable and attractive spaces for citizens of all ages.

A former business consultant for the City of Mississauga, Gil’s experience in urban issues goes back to the mid-1990s, where he was appointed as the Commissioner of Parks, Sports and Recreation in the city of Bogota, Colombia. His development of Ciclovia, a car-free road network spanning 120 kilometres, has become the inspiration of pedestrian-friendly mobility for the youth and elderly around the world.

Gil is a renowned advocate for sustainable urbanism and has given inspirational talks in over 200 different cities to highlight the urgency of developing appropriate city infrastructure. In 2013, he received the Diamond Jubilee Medal and was named one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians”.

To buy your tickets to the Conference, visit our website at or email today!