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Why are you so excited ?

” My 20th birthday is coming up, I already wrote a toast: To the adventurous side of me, to traveling around the world , to making new friends and to falling in love . To not caring about what people think and to breaking hearts. To being something unexpected and to being everything I want to be. To being 20 and alive ! I thank God for every single thing and for everything coming my way, El7amdoAllah.

The idea after all is to celebrate lessons learned. To reform one’s self each year and try to be the best version of me I could be, that means staying who I am at heart but opening my mind to the glories of world and not judging what it throws at me. So here’s to being 20!”

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Daniel Rizzi

“When I was younger I had two of the greatest friends you could ever ask for. Through them I experienced deep connection and love for other people. Then they both moved away and it took a long time to find relationships of a comparable quality. A lot of people seek companionship through possession of people, either for sexual needs, emotional security, or social status, instead of mutual connection and sharing. Deep friendships are hard to come by. If you’re lucky enough to have a few, work on them and never let them go. Even if you fight with them occasionally, they can bring so much to your life that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. It’s amazing what can happen when you are invested in another person and their life for a few years.”

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“What are your hopes and dreams?”

“Firstly, to be a pediatrician and then after that build a clinic in Luanda, which is the capital of Angola. Build a clinic and work there.”

“Why Angola?”

“Angola has one of the highest rates of infant mortality so ever since I decided I wanna be a paediatrician at the age of 11, I knew that I was gonna go back there one day to work there. It is just a country that needs a lot of help.”

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“My mother passed away when I was eleven due to cancer. At the time obviously you feel like ‘why does this happen, why does bad stuff happen to good people’ but over the course of your life if you look at it, everything that happens in your life happens for a reason and everything has a purpose. Like every single thing, every person you meet, or any bad and good thing makes you who you are today. So maybe that has molded me into the person I am today. The only regret I have is that when you’re eleven they don’t tell you that all this stuff is going on so at times I wish I could have had that final goodbye type feeling, which even if you say it I don’t think you ever get it, but at least you can say it since you never know when it’s going to happen as a kid.”

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Chaumeka Naveenakumar

chaumeka naveenakumar

What are you currently struggling with?

“My relationships”

With whom?

“My mom and my friends”

What would you like to tell them?

“That I love them no matter what”

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Shanice Waite


I’m a 4th year journalism student, I think there is so much going on in our world right now, anyone that turns on the news they can see that for themselves really really clear and you wanna leave this world knowing that you made a difference whether it is small or big. You wanna know that you added something or helped someone, whether it is a friend of mine or someone from a completely different country. I think that is what attracted me to journalism in the 1st place.

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Bishoy Lawendy

Bishoy Lawendy

Why are you happy today?

“I just got back from campus police, someone found my wallet and gave it back with everything still in it!”

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Gabriel Strezos

Gabriel Strezos

“I just came back from a 4-hour lab, I’m coming here to pick a textbook, then I’m going back out to fix a tire. I got a flat tire from doing medical service cause a team of triathlonists got lost during an adventure race and we had to go in and I got a flat tire. I had to be relieved then go back in with another team last weekend which was interesting. So now I have to go fix my tire, come back here and go back to lab.”

“Are you always this busy?”

“It’s either super busy or super quiet. I really like the quiet times.”

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“I’ve always looked much older than I actually am. I think the fact that I look older has forced me to grow up before anyone else my age did. It affected a lot of things in terms of who I became friends and who I connected with. I always connected better with people who were older than I was. Everyone tells me that I am maternal and I feel like that is something that has affected me and how I behaved towards myself. I expect more out of myself now. I try to be more mature. I’m not complaining, but I think I reminisce about my childhood more than other people do.”

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I like it here. I usually come and sit up here at night when no one can see me.


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Professor Steve Joordens

“Early on, what I always wanted to be and what I still want to be in the back of my mind is a person who produces records. So working in a studio. I always liked music a lot, got a lot into music. I had no musical skill; we now play but that started just around 10 years ago or so. But I always thought it would be really cool to be working in a studio, have these musicians come, meet them, get to hang out with them. And I did psychology originally because I thought what a producer does is help them take whatever they have and make it better, where better means connect better with the audience. So I thought if I understood psychology that would be a great basis for being a producer. Working both with the bands effectively, managing a band, but also helping them reach their audience. That all sounded like psychology to me.”


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Maitri Gupta

“I am like a chameleon. I can always find common ground with other people, whether it is over music or movies or the healthcare system. I think every person you meet is a new opportunity to find yourself. When you allow yourself to fit in with different people – to be a chameleon – you are allowing yourself to learn more from those people. People are really malleable and it is the new experiences with new people that help us learn and grow and talk about things we might not have ever talked about before. Being different versions of yourself while finding common ground doesn’t mean you aren’t being true to yourself. Just because I am not talking about the things that I usually talk about or things I’m not usually interested in doesn’t mean I am not being me. I don’t let my interests define me. They could give away the type of person that I am, but they do not limit me. I am undefined. I can identify with a lot of things, but I don’t let anything define me.”
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