Positions Available

Dear Geography, City Studies and GIS Students,

The GCSA has some open positions available for the 2017-2018 academic year!

If you would like to apply, please email GCSA at gcsa.utoronto@gmail.com with your resume and a short paragraph (200 words) explaining why you think you are best suitable for that role.

The positions available are as follows:

First year representative

Please kindly review the roles and responsibilities for your respective position below, before applying.

(information on other positions is available in our constitution)


Article 5: Term Representatives

All representative positions will be interviewed and a minimum of two executive members must be present during the interviews as well as part take in the decision process.

5.1. First Year Representative

• First Year Representative shall be an undergraduate student enrolled in the Department of Geography and/or City Studies

• The First Year Representative position shall be filled by two students

• The First Year Representative’s responsibilities will include the following:

a. Works to further the interests of the organization and acts as a liaison between first year and second year students and the executive committee of GCSA

b. Assist the Vice President Operation with the planning and execution of GCSA’s events

c. Assist the Vice President Communication with the marketing and promotion of GCSA’s events and services




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