Year Representatives


Fourth Year Rep: Dharsha Sundarampillai

Hello, my name is Dharsha Sundarampillai. I’m a fourth year student double minoring in Applied Statistics and Psychology, and majoring in Human Geography! Ever since first year, I wanted to give back to the UTSC community by representing the student body of UTSC. Then I realized that there are Departmental Student Associations such as GCSA that work as a team to represent the Geography and City Studies students in order to give them a smooth transition during the university and career life. I started to attend many of the cool events GCSA hosted and it motivated me even more to become part of the team. And now I am super excited to be your Fourth Year Rep for the year! I’m here to address your voices!!! Your voices matter to me, and I’ll try my very best to bring the best for you all! Our team is hard at work to give you an amazing year! So get ready to have an amazing experience with GCSA folks!


Fourth Year Rep: Evelynn Lin

My name is Evelyn Lin. I am in my fourth year majoring in City Studies and economics. What interests me the most in city studies are urban design, transportation, and land use development. I love to travel, communicate with people and learn new things. Hopefully I could be friends with everyone.


Third Year Rep: Tiffany Huang

Hey everyone! My name is Tiffany and I am majoring in City Studies and Sociology. GCSA has held many interesting events that broaden my horizons and offered me the opportunity to get involved and meet great people! This is my first year in GCSA, and I’m excited to work with this wonderful team to plan future events.


Second Year Rep: Vincent Yau

Hi, my name is Vincent and I am currently a second-year student majoring in City Studies and Environmental Studies. GCSA has planned many interesting events since its creation and I am looking forward to becoming involved in planning many events with a bunch of wonderful people on this year’s team!


 Second Year Rep: Valerie Tran
Hi there, my name is Valerie. I’m pursuing a double major in City Studies and Public Policy and I’m excited to join the GCSA team as a Second Year Rep. I’m most interested in urban planning, transportation development and public policies that affect the modern growth of cities. I’d love to start more conversations about how today’s youth can impact the policy decisions of their local communities. I’m looking forward to a successful upcoming year with GCSA!
First Year Rep: Shakeel Sidi

Hi there, my name is Shaq Sidi. I am in my first year at UTSC enrolled in the Geography program. I am also a college graduate in tourism and general business. My hobbies are travelling, playing sports, cooking and volunteering within my community. I am also a soccer player and I coach my team once a week. I believe in getting success by working hard and never giving up.

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