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The Executive Team


President: Yasna Kharadi

Hello everyone! My name is Yasna and I’m a fourth year student double majoring in City Studies and Human Geography, with a minor in GIS. This is my third year on the GCSA team and I’m excited to take on the role of president and work with an amazing new group of people. My goal for this year is to carry GCSA forward and ensure our students are getting the events and services they need that are beneficial to them! If you see me around, don’t hesitate to reach out to ask questions, or just say hi! Looking forward to a great year with everyone.


Vice President: Da Chen

Hello everyone, my name is Da Chen, 4th year student majoring in Cities Studies and Political Science. I am the VP of GCSA. I really enjoy the outdoors and meeting new people. Hopefully one day we can work together and make this city a better place.


Vice President of Operations: Khly Lamparero

Hi everyone! My name is Khliden and I’m very excited to be the 2016-2017 GCSA VP of Operations! I am pursuing a double major in City Studies and Mental Health studies as I’m very interested in how a city’s organization and systems influence its resident’s well-being and daily lives. I also enjoy being a volunteer tutor at the KGO adult literacy program, and going on exciting outdoor trips like white water rafting and treetop trekking! My latest adventure has been to Tokyo with Prof. Sorensen’s GGRC54 class. I’d love to talk to any of you about what we’ve got planned coming up or on anything city studies/mental health studies related. See you around!


Vice President of Communications: Ali Reda Darouiche

Hello everyone! My name is Ali Reda and I am in my final year of studies. I am enrolled at UTSC where I am double majoring in City Studies and Human Geography. This is my first year apart of the GCSA team and I hope to learn and help lots as I get through this year with such a great team and association. With aims of continuing my studies through higher education, I hope of creating a revolutionary approach to how humans live in cities, the creation of cities and buildings which support the coexistence with nature rather than the separation of nature from humanity.  As I certainly believe that the current human settlements influenced by the processes of the system need to be criticized and approached in a sustainable manner. Hobbies include hiking, kayaking, and underwater gardening.


Finance Manager: Hanna Kassim

Hello, everyone! My name is Hanna, I’m in my second year at UTSC and I’m double majoring in City studies and New Media Design. I have always been interested in urban design/planning, so I was very excited when I heard about the GCSA last year. Mainly because I’d be able to spend time with people that share similar interests, and that I’d be able to expand my connections in that field. Through the city studies program and the GCSA I have learned about several ways to get involved in your community and allow your voice to be heard, which is something I feel strongly about. During my spare time I enjoy discovering new places in Toronto, painting, reading, and keeping up to date with global issues. The GCSA has plenty of great ideas and events planned thus far, so be ready for an exciting year!


Secretary: Frank Guo

Hey everyone! My name is Frank and I’m a 4th year student double majoring in physical/human geography and city studies with a minor in GIS. This is my second year as part of GCSA and I am very excited to represent such a dedicated student community. It is a very exciting time for human geography at UTSC! The continued growth of the department is reflected in our upcoming activities and events which will definitely be great opportunities for academic and personal growth. I look forward to organizing them with such a wonderful team! If you have any questions, feel free to approach me around campus.

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