Nuit Blanche Scarborough 2018 Artist Project: Call for Participants!


Call for Scarborough-based Participants

Nuit Blanche artist, Andrew Finlay Stewart, is seeking Scarborough-based participants for an artists’ project that will be showcased the night of the Nuit Blanche festival. This project is for anyone interested in the arts or who would like to represent their community and area they live in. Participating in this project does not require any specific skill level but, an interest in arts and culture is a plus!

Nuit Blanche Project: ‘Wards’

‘Wards’ is a mapping video project that highlights how the redrawing of the Scarborough wards will affect the everyday lives of its residents. Andrew is asking participants to share a route to a place that is significant to them or their community. The routes represent the unique lived experiences of residents in Scarborough as they navigate the politically-designed structures drawn over colonized land.

The project is planned to occur sometime in July and will be about 1-3 hours in length. All participants will receive an honorarium, credit as a participant in the Nuit Blanche project, and TTC tokens.

If you are interested in representing your community and participating in this project, please send an email to Kali Banner (, assistant curator for Alyssa Fearon, curator of Nuit Blanche Scarborough 2018, with the following information by July 5th, 2018: 

    • Participant’s contact information (preferred email/phone number);
    • Participant’s home address or closest intersection;
    • If you will be free for 1-3 hours sometime in July and preferred times (mornings/evenings/weekdays/weekends); and
    • Any additional information about yourself you’d like to share with us.

Kali can also be contacted at: 647-326-5254.

About the Artist

Andrew has shown his work nationally and internationally, including most recently the Art Gallery of Ontario’s show ‘Every. Now. Then: Reframing Nationhood.’
He is part of the team that produces the ‘Long Winter’ series of community-based interdisciplinary art and music festivals, and helped run the year-long ‘Artists’ Newsstand’ project at Chester subway station in Toronto. See more of Andrew’s work at:

About ‘Nuit Blanche’

Nuit Blanche is a one-night, large-scale, multidisciplinary arts festival that celebrates creativity throughout Toronto and this is the first year ever that this event is being extending out to Scarborough! More information on Nuit Blanche can be found here:

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