Career and Networking Event

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GCSA is hosting their annual career & networking event on November 27th in the Ralph Campbell Lounge from 6:00 to 8:00pm!

Tickets will only cost $5 for a classy, fun, and beneficial event!

This event is a great opportunity for all students to build their network and interact with not only recent graduates and people in the field but also other students in the department. We will have people who are in different stages of their education/career, including Masters students, entry level workers, and employees who have been in the field for a while. So if you are in that last year panic or struggling to find something tangible to strive for career wise, this event will help guide you.

The benefits of this event include and are not limited to;

– Great food, and drinks.
– A guide for student’s who are concerned about post-graduation paths
– Help to figure out the possible career paths that are open for under graduates, graduate students and possible PhD.
– Opportunity to meet like-minded peers and connect with alumni that may be in professions you are interested in.

This event provides a great opportunity for students to see the different career paths that they can follow with a geography and city studies degree! Hope to see you there!

If you wish to purchase a ticket for $5, please contact:




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