UTSC Sustainability Maker Challenge 2017

The Sustainability office and the UTSC library marketplace will be hosting an exciting event over the February reading week called the “UTSC Sustainability Maker challenge 2017”. This challenge focuses on collaborating with other students to find multiple solutions to as many of the sustainable development goals as possible. This straightforward yet complex challenge involves a great deal of creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, consisting of student anchor teams with a student leader, faculty mentor and an external mentor from a relevant professional field. The teams are asked to pick a sustainable development goal of their choice, then will work together to create a vision for how the maker culture can help progress toward that goal. Once the teams have finalized their designs, they will create a prototype/model in the Makerspace that is emblematic of their visions. The challenge will last for 10 days over the reading week, ending with a final group presentation. This opportunity will not only allow you to gain insights from faculty and industrial leaders, but it’s an opportunity to make connections, establish yourselves as highly motivated and collaborative individuals and showcase your talents. If successful, the teams will be given the opportunity to implement their visions of sustainability on campus, leaving their mark on UTSC.

If you are interested in this amazing opportunity, have any questions or would like to discuss the challenge further, feel free to reach out to Kayla at kayladaneal@gmail.com !15401306_10157796787985398_33712798_n

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