UofT Course Evaluations Are Important!


Course evaluations are read by many people at UofT, including instructors, chairs, deans, the provost and the president. They are used for a variety of purposes, including:
1. To help instructors design and deliver their courses in ways that impact their students’ learning

2. To make changes and improvements to individual courses and programs

3. To assess instructors for annual reviews

4. To assess instructors for tenure and promotion review

5. To provide students with summary information about other students’ learning experiences in UofT courses.

It is essential that students have a voice in these key decision-making processes and that’s why your course evaluation is so important at the University of Toronto.



This Week on Humans of UTSC:


“What are your hopes and dreams?”

“Firstly, to be a pediatrician and then after that build a clinic in Luanda, which is the capital of Angola. Build a clinic and work there.”

“Why Angola?”

“Angola has one of the highest rates of infant mortality so ever since I decided I wanna be a paediatrician at the age of 11, I knew that I was gonna go back there one day to work there. It is just a country that needs a lot of help.”

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