This Week on Humans of UTSC:

Muhammad “My mother passed away when I was eleven due to cancer. At the time obviously you feel like ‘why does this happen, why does bad stuff happen to good people’ but over the course of your life if you look at it, everything that happens in your life happens for a reason and everything... Continue Reading →


Mix & Mingle with Faculty and GCSA on Nov. 25!

Join us on Tuesday November 25th for a Mix & Mingle with City Studies and Human Geography Faculty in AC227! This is a great opportunity to discuss with faculty and other students about the different careers that a degree in Geography or City Studies can lead to. Come by to ask questions, eat food, and to... Continue Reading →


WE APPRECIATE YOU!   On November 5th 2014 GCSA held their first annual Appreciation Day at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. This day was initiated to overcome spatial barriers that may prevent individuals from being comfortable within their environment, specifically UTSC. In order to achieve this, GCSA placed aspirational quotes all around the campus and... Continue Reading →

This Week on Humans of UTSC:

Shanice Waite   I’m a 4th year journalism student, I think there is so much going on in our world right now, anyone that turns on the news they can see that for themselves really really clear and you wanna leave this world knowing that you made a difference whether it is small or big.... Continue Reading →

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