2014 Toronto Election: What happened? Why?

Toronto Election 2014
The Toronto Municipal election this year has arguably been one of the most exciting, and unpredictable races in recent memory. On the day after election day, come hear a distinguished panel of experts make sense of the municipal election campaign and results!

Matt Elliott - Urban Affairs Columnist, Metro Toronto
Warren Kinsella - Political strategist, Author and former specialist assistant to Prime Minister Jean Chretien.
Myer Siemiatycki - Professor of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University

Tuesday October 28th at 5:15pm

Sponsored by the Department of Political Science, PSSA, the Department of Geography, and GCSA.

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8 ideas for the future of cities

TED Blog

TEDCity2.0In 2012, the TED Prize was awarded to an idea: The City2.0, a place to celebrate actions taken by citizens around the world to make their cities more livable, beautiful and sustainable. This week, The City2.0 website evolves. On the relaunched TEDCity2.org, you’ll find great talks on topics like housing, education and food, and how they relate to life in the bustling metropolis. You’ll find video explorations of 10 award-winning local projects that received funding through this TED Prize wish, and resources for those hoping to spark change in their own cities. The site will also be the home of all future TEDCity2.0 projects. In other words, it’s an online haven for everyone who wants to create the city of the future.

Below, a sampling of the great ideas you’ll find on TEDCity2.org. Enjoy, as most of these have never been seen on TED.com before.

1. Buildings can…

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This Week on Humans of UTSC:

Gabriel Strezos

Gabriel Strezos

“I just came back from a 4-hour lab, I’m coming here to pick a textbook, then I’m going back out to fix a tire. I got a flat tire from doing medical service cause a team of triathlonists got lost during an adventure race and we had to go in and I got a flat tire. I had to be relieved then go back in with another team last weekend which was interesting. So now I have to go fix my tire, come back here and go back to lab.”

“Are you always this busy?”

“It’s either super busy or super quiet. I really like the quiet times.”

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Hiking Trip Recap

The GCSA Hiking Trip was a complete success! About 30 students came to participate in our hike from the UTSC valley, down to the lakeshore. Students and Geography and City Studies faculty both enjoyed this 2-hour excursion that featured blooming wildflowers, Highland Creek and Lake Ontario. The walk was in no means treacherous; it was nicely paved and very scenic! Students were allowed to stop and take pictures along the hike and experience the beauty of their natural surroundings on a warm and sunny day. Students were very pleased at our big finish at Lake Ontario, where they got to walk along the lakefront. During this hike, students also had the opportunity to talk amongst peers, with professors or learn from Professor Kepe, interesting characteristics of Highland Creek such as the presence of dog strangling vine, an invasive species currently choking trees. The slogan for this hike was: “there is no Wi-Fi in the forest, but we know you’ll find a better connection”. Students were able to find this connection on the hike, whether it was with people or the natural surroundings around them. As a student association, we want to make sure that students are given the opportunity to explore the Scarborough community, so they can take advantage of everything it has to offer!