This week on Humans of UTSC:

Professor Steve Joordens

“Early on, what I always wanted to be and what I still want to be in the back of my mind is a person who produces records. So working in a studio. I always liked music a lot, got a lot into music. I had no musical skill; we now play but that started just around 10 years ago or so. But I always thought it would be really cool to be working in a studio, have these musicians come, meet them, get to hang out with them. And I did psychology originally because I thought what a producer does is help them take whatever they have and make it better, where better means connect better with the audience. So I thought if I understood psychology that would be a great basis for being a producer. Working both with the bands effectively, managing a band, but also helping them reach their audience. That all sounded like psychology to me.”


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